VIP Email™ Marketing from Champion

Email Marketing is one of the single most important tools your business can utilize to keep in contact with your existing customer base and also attract new business.

Champion custom designs your email marketing campaign to target your buyers with the look and product offering they're looking for. It's something we call our Virtual Impact Partnership - or the VIP Email™ Program.

Champion VIP Email™ Marketing Offers:

Check out our email portfolio to get some ideas how YOUR eFlyer or eNewsletter can look!

Well that's all great, but why choose email?

High impact graphics can entice your customers to find out more and BUY.

Newsletters sent on a regular basis are great to increase your brand awareness. But did you also know that marketing email are also great for your sales team to use as a tool to contact their customer base?

Mobile optimized.

Champion designs for maximum visibility in a variety of mobile and web platforms so you can have your message reach your customer base, no matter what medium they use to check email. After all, 35% of business professionals check email on a mobile device and that figure is only going to rise in the future!

Email works.

Customers Actually WANT Your Emails!

Did you know 27% of consumers were more likely to say their favorite companies should invest in MORE email? Not only that, but Email Marketing spending grows 10% year over year. Srcs: ExactTarget, Forrester 2011

Social Media Integration

Champion integrates your social media into each email it sends. Emails that include a social sharing button (Facebook, twitter, linked in, etc) have a 158% higher click through rate. Src: GetResponse

BEST Return on Any Marketing. Period.

For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment. Src: Experian

Email Reach is Growing.

By 2016, the number of email accounts will reach 4.3 billion. Get on the action now and start building your leads! Src:

Start Optimizing YOUR Opportunity for Success Using Email Marketing!

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