What I can do for you

It’s not OK to settle for bland marketing. You only have seconds to capture a viewer’s interest. Only then you can convey your message to a potential customer. I know how to make the most of your marketing. Working previously as a Marketing Director for a $35 million printing company, I worked directly with agencies and helped customers sell more with unique sales tools. I created end-user marketing tools for our distributors, email & print marketing, developed new products, and designed catalogs.

Recently, working for a multi-million dollar boat dealer I mastered the formula for retail marketing to consumers. Structuring the communication from manufacturer to end user bridged the gap and built an environment that attracted new customers that were eager to buy our products.

I think every marketing piece must first have attractive aesthetic to engage a viewer. I find design inspiration from my artistic background and world travels. With a bachelor of Fine Art Degree, I believe in creating with visual impact and design harmony. My studies lead to travel abroad for education to Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece and Italy.

I strive to produce captivating consumer experiences by creating thoughtfully designed, innovative and award-winning e-business solutions driven by bottom-line results.

I have the talents to take your business to the next level.


-High Impact Graphic Design
-Digital Marketing
-Evangelistic Social Media
-E-commerce Website Development
-Responsive Website Layouts (for viewing on iPads and Mobile Devices)
-Website Analytics and SEO
-Consumer Experience Management
-Video Production
-Engaging Copywriting
-Lead Management
-Product Photography and Catalog Development
-Strategic Product and Consumer Internet Expertise

Key Points

-Increased Shipyard Marine’s social media following on Twitter by more than 500% and Likes on Facebook by over 1004%
-Bachelor of Fine Art Degree with world aesthetic and insight
-Seven years of experience as a consultant for distributors in the printing industry helping them get the most out of their marketing
-Implementation of Shipyard Marine’s Email Marketing Program found buyers instantly and lead to a direct increase in sales


Increasing sales through marketing, Branding and identity enhancement, Creating & managing email marketing campaigns, Trade show marketing & management, Flash animation, Video shooting & production, Photography, Typography, Graphic design


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